Sunday Review

This week I have been reading and pondering…

Robots in the stack at Chicago State University
George Needham’s thoughts on Why Does Library Management Suck
Comments on AADL’s fascinating new Catalog Seach Cloud
Library Garden’s interview with Richard Sweeney of NJIT about his research on The Millennial Generation and Libraries
David Lee King’s excellent articles on Inviting Participation in Web 2.0
Predictions for 2007 from: Stephen Abram
John Battelle
Michael Stephen’s review of blog posts of 2006 What a Year! 2006 in Posts, Presentations, Permutations and …PARTICIPATION!
Meredith Farkas’ confession on Information Wants to Be Free about why she doesn’t use her local public library It’s not just the OPACs that suck prompted similar confessions and thoughts from Nicole on What I Learned Today Physical Spaces Suck Too and Life as I Know It The OPAC Isn’t The Only Problem
Posts about a public library in the US closing during the afternoon due to problems with teenagers from
Tame the Web
Library Crunch
Provocative thoughts on collection development in libraries from OCLC’s Lorcan Dempsey Justifying your place on the shelves and Tim Coates Library Books in American Public Libraries

And watching
Arlington Heights Public Library’s Weekly Video Blog
Miss Potter at the Harbour Lights Picturehouse . Highly recommended!


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