National Archives do Podcasts!

Recently I’ve been less in library world in the evenings and back researching my family history. On the hunt for blogs, RSS feeds etc that are not about libraries (I got tagged!) I came across the podcast series at the National Archives. If you’re at all interested in history, genealogy or archives I have to recommend this series. So far I’ve listened to an introduction to the Family Records Centre (would be useful to have on an MP3 player on your first visit), Anthony Adolph talking about his famous ancestor who may have been the father of Charles II and an introduction to workhouse records . One of my ancestors was born in the Barnet Union Workhouse which may have been the inspiration for the workhouse in Oliver Twist so the workhouse podcast was particularly fascinating. Worth a listen.


One response to “National Archives do Podcasts!

  1. Ah yes, the wonderful world of cultural podcasts. Various museums are also starting to do them and Wessex Archaeology do an ‘Archaeocast’. We’ve started on some family history too. It is very addictive…

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