UK Public Library on Flickr

Plymouth Libraries have a Flickr account and are uploading photos regularly. Many of them seem to be documenting the travels of the Bookstart Bear, BB but there are also pictures of library displays, new buildings and library events. I hope they continue with it as I’m enjoying the glimpse into a public library not too far away! Very few comments so far so why not pop over and say hello to them?


5 responses to “UK Public Library on Flickr

  1. This sounds great. I will check it out soon. I am not sure what Flickr is or does, but I am in the process of finding out about all this web 2 stuff and so I’ll make the effort!

  2. Hi Katharine, thanks for commenting! I’ve only been investigating the web 2 stuff for about 6 months but it’s pretty addictive. I posted a little while ago on my local CILIP blog about my 3 favourite UK library 2.0 sites … swashford’s first post

  3. 2 great uses for Flickr in a public library… 1. As a marketing tool, upload pictures of the library and events etc and then use the sharing options to make your library visible to Flickr users. 2. As a resource for sharing ideas and practices within the library, pictures of displays could be uploaded and shared between branches to show what has been done and how those dump bins fit together… Any other ideas?

  4. As for other possible uses (it may not allow all this functionality – I really dont know much about it):

    – show pictures of staff with details of what they do so people can easily find the right person when they arrive?

    – For contacting flikr users as an alternative to email?

    – for fielding feedback from customers?

    – for exchanging files between sites (perhaps where they are too big to be attached to emails)

    – for ensuring consistancy of publicity materials across sites (if this is relevant to you)

    I dont know really – these were just things that came to mind.

  5. I haven’t played around much with Flickr myself apart from uploading some photos and joining a couple of groups. I like your idea about pictures of staff although that may take some persuading! I hate having my photo taken :O) I think Flickr can certainly be useful as a marketing tool and as an internal tool. Having an active library presence on Flickr has to be good marketing as it’s a great way of getting pictures of library events etc out there without having to sweet talk the local paper! Internally there is definitely a role for it to play in organising and sharing publicity. The idea of using Flickr to encourage customer comments is also good – I believe participation is the key to all this 2.0 stuff!

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