Found! UK Blogging Librarians…

Not only are they UK blogging librarians but they are UK blogging public librarians! I’ve been following Michael’s 025.04 blog for a couple of weeks but hadn’t noticed that at the bottom of his profile lurked another blog. Signpost Libraries has some interesting ideas and seems to be linked to experiments with Talis Signpost. Unfortunately it also seems to have come to an end but I mention it because it looks like a good example of library staff collaborating via a blog. I’m off to leave a post on 025.04 to ask Michael about the project… and continue the hunt.


2 responses to “Found! UK Blogging Librarians…

  1. I can do you a long version or a short version…

  2. Thanks Michael – short or medium version would be great. Just wondered where the blog came from, how useful it was and why it appears to be ending?!
    PS Thanks for stopping by!

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