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I’ve just have a fascinating few days at Interlend 07, the Forum for Interlending and Information Delivery’s annual conference. Unfortunately the venue did not have wireless access so I’m now in the lovely cafe at the British Film Institute catching up on email, feeds etc and contemplating the last few days. I’m planning to write more about the conference once I’ve had a chance to go through my notes but here’s a related post about a resource I’ve just discovered. ShareILL is described as “a gateway to electronic and print resources pertaining to all aspects of interlibrary loan (ILL), document delivery, and resource sharing” and although it is a US project it has a lot of information already which is useful to us ILL folk outside the US. Most useful sections I have found so far are a list of National Libraries and Archives which is promoted as the most complete and current list of national library web sites in the world and also the Gateways and Union Catalogs page which has links to union catalogues around the world. What I find most appealing about this wiki, however, is the possibilities it offers in updating and adding information. I’ve already added some links and information relating to UK sources that I use and I’d like to see more UK and global librarians getting involved. Rather than set up a UK based wiki I think it would be good to use this resource and encourage a more global perspective on interlending. Now I”m off to think up some more sites and information to add to the wiki.


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