CILIP Promoting Blogging

A little while ago I had an email from CILIP asking if I minded having this blog aggregated to a CILIP blog called CILIP members blog landscape. At the moment there are 15 blogs aggregated here, all by members of CILIP. Although it’s only a small percentage of the UK library bloggers it is an interesting overview of what is being blogged about. Unlike the forums on the CILIP communities site it doesn’t require you to login with a CILIP membership to view the blog so it’s open to everyone.

In addition to the CILIP blog, this month’s edition of Update (CILIP’s monthly journal) contains what I hope will be a regular column LIS Blogwatch. Matthew Mazey scans over 100 blogs for this column and it’s a great round up of some of the hot topics although publishing deadlines mean that the ‘October’ issue has hot blog topics from August so most bloggers will have come across them already. I think it’s more a way of bringing the conversations from the blogosphere into the consciousness of people who haven’t really got into the idea of reading blogs. Hopefully some people will follow the links and find their way into the online conversation. I’m glad to see this column is available online and I hope it will continue to be published online in future.

And finally… check out another Update article online – Dave Pattern’s ‘Are you Happy with your Opac?’ reports on his survey of OPAC satisfaction and the University of Huddersfield’s approach to upgrading the catalogue. A must read for anyone who every considered that their OPAC might suck…


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