Library WiFi and iPhones

`This week Apple announced the date for the iPhone to go on sale in the UK. Now I’m a pretty basic mobile phone user, but I’m starting to get very tempted by smartphones and as a mac user I’m especially tempted by an iPhone. Having read the release information what interested me most however was the WiFi announcement – the UK contract has gone to O2 and they include unlimited connection to The Cloud network of hotspots, including our library! I don’t know what the take up will be of the iPhone in the UK, I expect some smartphone fans will be put off by the lack of 3G connection and the rather limited camera, but I’m intrigued by the possibility of people coming into the library to use their iPhone. Now I’m wondering how well our library information displays on a mobile browser…


3 responses to “Library WiFi and iPhones

  1. interestingly enough, the iphone doesn’t use mobile browsers – it uses a fully functional version of Apple’s Safari browser. You don’t get flash, but you do get everything else. So your website will look exactly like it does in IE or Firefox – just smaller. Cool!

  2. I am desperately tempted to get an iPhone. Partly because we’re getting wifi at our Central Library and I think it would be cool to be able to use it, and partly because I like toys. A lot.

    Also, Stephen Fry really likes his…

  3. Wow – does it make me a bit of a library geek that I’m really excited about getting a comment from David Lee King??! Now I really want to have a proper look at an iPhone, although I’d read that it used Safari for some reason it hadn’t sunk in that this was a full version of the browser rather than a mobile version.

    I also like the look of the iPod touch especially as it doesn’t involve a contract and I could just get a Cloud pass for £9.99 a month that would give me WiFi access for my laptop as well.

    I loved Stephen Fry’s post about smartphones – have you seen his interviews about technology, internet etc at ? Brilliant!

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