Book Express in Newport

While reading a thought provoking post from Embervision about RFID as a potential stress buster a bracketed comment jumped out at me “Newport Libraries has just launched a home delivery service”. This seemed rather too exciting to be true so I had a nose at Newport Libraries home page and there it is Book Express, a service which allows up to 50 books a year to be chosen from the library website and posted direct to the user with a return postage paid envelope. I’ve posted about direct end user delivery before and I look forward to finding out more about this project. Strangely it seems to only be open to people living in Newport but not already a member of the library, I assume this is because they are targeting new members with this project but I’m surprised they have chosen to restrict a service that many current library members would probably love to try. Once I’ve caught up on the backlog at work I’ll see if someone at Newport can tell me more but in the meantime if anyone knows anything about this project please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly.


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