Moving to WordPress

If you’re reading this then you have successfully found me on WordPress!  I’ve been considering moving from Blogger for a while but was pushed by a problem with the widgets (not allowing me to add new content) which was really annoying me.  I also noticed that most of the blogs that looked visually appealing were using WordPress.

Having made the switch I have to say it’s very easy and I’m glad I did it.  Importing my posts from Blogger took about 30 seconds and I’ve been able to put a pretty header up already.  I’ve also found the widgets much easier to add.

At the moment I’ve added a feed button, my feeds, the ‘categories’ list, recent comments, my Flickr stream and a hit counter.  I’m happy with all of these except for the categories list as it made me realise that I need to work on tidying up my categories (formerly known as tags) and be a little more consistent when tagging posts.

In other news… I bought an Asus eee PC yesterday and it’s lovely!  I’m planning to take it to work tomorrow to see if I can use it to surf in the staff room with a 3G modem…


3 responses to “Moving to WordPress

  1. What colour?! 🙂

  2. welcome aboard. 🙂

  3. I assume you mean what colour eee? It’s green and white – see the pics on Flickr

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