Interlend Day 1

I think this wins the prize for post written in beautiful place!  I’m at Interlend 2008 which is taking place at Peebles in the Scottish borders and the hotel has a fantastic view across trees with the hills in the background… expect some Flickr pictures to follow.

Although today is the first day of the conference, some of the committee arrived yesterday for the preparation which mainly involved collating papers and stuffing conference packs.  We may have worried some tourists in the process as our packing involved laying the papers out on a round table and then walking around the table to collate.  From the car park all you could see was four people walking round and round with various pieces of paper in their hands, a new version of Morris dancing maybe??  At one point we did stop and wave to the bemused man standing and watching us, he didn’t wave back but he did leave rather swiftly…

I’ll be covering the conference over on the Interlend blog but will probably summarise here as well so if you’re interested in interlibrary loan and document delivery, stay tuned


One response to “Interlend Day 1

  1. I was at the Peebles Hydro just a few weeks and absolutely agree about the setting. Duke, our drummer, took some pictures of the hotel and environs. I put the link here:

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