Interlend08 – Keynote Speaker

These are my rough notes on the first speaker of the conference, hopefully we will be able to load the powerpoint onto the website and I’ll add the link once it’s available.  Apologies if they make no sense!

Derek Law, University of Strathclyde

ILL has been an extraordinary feat – moving books from one country to another is a feat of diplomacy but that is the past

Failures of libraries: making technology work too well, keeping our hard work secret and making the job appear too easy.  Delivering materials without any branding to show that the library was involved in the discovery and delivery eg articles delivered to reader with no library branding

An obsession with licenses and digital oddities – building cabinets of curiosities rather coherent  bodies of collections

Referred to the OCLC College Students’ Perceptions report ; the Great Expectations report (JISC) ; the CIBER report (UCL)

Trust metrics have a new significance – can involve something published by Cambridge University Press or by Cambridge Students’ Union.  Librarians have a role in applying trust metrics. Students believe that the Google brand equals quality

Nintendo over logic – a new learning style of trial and error.  Computer games have a learning process of trial and error rather than learned logic.  Digital natives and digital immigrants.  Digital overlap strategy (keeping your fingers crossed!)  🙂

A-literacy not illiteracy but choosing not to read and write.

Prensky 2001 – digital content, legacy content and future content.  We need to address future content! See for Digital Natives, Digitial Immigrants article

Too focussed on content produced by publishers rather than material produced by people eg wikis, blogs, podcasts, research data, streamed lectures, images and email

Quoted Mike McGrath

Digital asset management needs to be happening and we should be doing the management!

There will always be a need for human intervention in organising and storing material but are we choosing the wrong material??  (Legacy content vs future content)

Document supply librarians are becoming searchers and finders rather than fetchers and carriers


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