Starting afresh with 23 Things

It’s been a while folks but I’m back!  Please take as read the usual list of excuses and distractions that have kept me away, it would be a boring list and I don’t want to be responsible for anyone falling asleep at work…

To get back into the swing of posting I’ve set myself a little challenge.  If you read a lot of library related blogs you’ve probably heard of 23 Things or the Learning 2.0 programme.  For anyone in the dark, the original “Learning 2.0 Program” was a learning program for staff working at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County which was such a fantastic idea that it caught the imaginations of library people around the world.  According to the original site over 250 libraries and organisations worldwide have now duplicated the programme.  Much more information on the Learning 2.0 blog

I’d love to try doing something like this at work for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, the ideas and online tools covered are those rarely covered in any formal training for library staff but frequently used and mentioned by readers and library managers alike.  Secondly, the focus is on learning through playing then reflecting on what has been learned and sharing those reflections with others via a blog.  What’s not to love??

Looking at the original list of 23 things I think I’ve already tried most of the sites and tools mentioned.  So for me this will be more an opportunity to reflect on which worked for me and how I use them personally as well as highlighting some of my favourite library sites.

Finally, I had a look at the list of libraries worldwide to see if anyone in the UK had registered a programme.
Imperial College London Library appear to be the only UK library listed so I’d love to hear if there are any others…


7 responses to “Starting afresh with 23 Things

  1. Ive been interested in the 23 Things programme for a long time now too, and would really love to do it at work. I’m currently writing a project proposal, I’ll let you know if there’s any more progress *fingers crossed*

  2. Hi Jo
    Thanks for the comment – I look forward to hearing about the progress! There are a growing number of people at work who are showing an interest in various web 2.0 tools. We used a wiki for training last year, some people have their own delicious and Facebook accounts but at the moment it’s usually the same members of staff who happily sit and play on the PCs during their lunch break. My initial thoughts involve harnessing this interest into a small test group and then using them as trainers/planners if we roll the scheme out to all staff…

  3. Hi Sarah

    I’ve been asked to do some Web2.0 training with staff and am hoping to use the 23 things programme. I’m just about to put together a project plan to take to our senior management team. I’ll let you know how I get on.

  4. Hi Claire – am I right in thinking you’re in a public library? I’d be very interested to hear how you get on… and any part of the project plan you’re able to share!

  5. Hi there,
    Please do get in touch if you’ve got any questions/want any feedback/how to convince management that it’s a good idea (we had to jump through a number of hoops). My email address is
    As for other UK libraries – The University of Huddersfield library is also running a 23 things programme – but I haven’t managed to find any others

  6. Going to run an extremely truncated, 23 things-derived, activity at our December staff CPD day (South Thames College, FE college in Wandsworth, Putney and Tooting). Will divide into small groups, each given an area of Web/Library 2.0 to play with for an hour, document and report back to a plenary.
    Purists will probably be horrified, but idea is to give people a taste, and perhaps run the full version later in 2009

    • Thanks for your comments Jenny and Tom, it’s interesting to see different types of web/library 2.0 training appearing across the country. I think anything that gives people a taste of these technologies is worth doing and the CPD day sounds very interesting. I’m trying to imagine what web/library 2.0 training purists might be like… visualising a large committee and long arguments about the virtues of WordPress versus Blogger? 🙂

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