WebJunction Webinar

On 28 January I attended my first ever WebJunction webinar.  This was a free online training/learning session that anyone with internet access could join in.

The session was called Staff Training in Tough Times and it was an excellent opportunity to share ideas and concerns with library folk from across the US and beyond.  As far as I know I was the only one participating from the UK and I did wonder whether non-US participants would be allowed.  Not only was I allowed but I was made very welcome and it was great to have an opportunity to ask about how library staff are being trained in the US.  The session was very well organised and the team at Webjunction worked very hard to keep track of both chat and audio participation.  The only difficulty was keeping up with the conversation in the chat room at the same time as listening to the audio and again the Webjunction team did highlight issues as they were raised in the chat room and try to keep us on track!

A full archive of the session is now available via BlogJunction including the 14 pages of chat!  It was a fantastic experience and one I would certainly recommend.

Free training/networking is great but not always well publicised.  From mailing lists to webinars, what would you recommend??


One response to “WebJunction Webinar

  1. Sarah,
    So glad you were able to join the session, and yes, the WebJunction community is indeed international. It’s a bit tricky to cover timezones around the globe for live events, but archives are always posted and the site is always available. My first webinar was led by a woman in Scotland and I still remember how exciting it was to be meeting in the same space! Now we really do need a bigger map during the webinar welcome! Thanks and look forward to seeing you again.

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