Enbrook Park

Sixteen years ago I left Kent for the “bright lights” of city life.  A lot can change in 16 years, the area, the people and most of all, myself.  In light of this I’ve decided to explore the area anew, as both resident and visitor.Enbrook Park

Recently my exploration took me to Enbrook Park, the wooded grounds of the SAGA headquarters in Sandgate.  It’s easy to stick to the beach in Sandgate but Enbrook Park offers a change of scene that is relaxing and unexpected.  Enbrook stream trickles alongside Military Road and adds the delicate sound of running water to the birdsong of the park.  Formal planting and lawns around the offices give way to inviting woodland paths weaving up the hillside and rewarding your climb with views across the Channel. 

On my stroll I found a variety of different rhododendrons along with many delicate wild woodland flowers.  Remnants of bluebells hinted at the spring colour I may have missed this year and the shady paths promise a summer retreat from the heat of the beach to come.

Altogether a wonderful stroll in the heart of Sandgate that’s worth taking the time to explore and enjoy!




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  1. Thanks Sarah for the printing quotes in January.
    Send email address for a fuller reply please
    Leeds & Broomfield Church & Village News

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