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Sarah’s Pebbles

pebbles by the beach

A newcomer who was local once and hopes to be local again. 

A few days ago I left my city life, my steady council job and my comfortable flat and moved to the seaside.  But this isn’t any old seaside, it’s my seaside.  The beach that is 90 seconds from my front door is the same beach along which I walked home from school when I wanted to spend my bus fare on something other than the bus.  It’s the beach I could almost see from my bedroom window if I stood on a chair and peered really hard around the house opposite.  It’s the beautiful pebbly beach of Sandgate, Kent and it’s home.

To reflect this move, and my chosen lifestyle change, I’ve renamed my blog from Info Junkie to Sarah’s Pebbles.  The title may change again, I guarantee nothing!  Since I still love collecting and sharing information I will still be sharing interesting websites and information resources but I’m adding my love of the seaside to the mix.  Hopefully this will include information about the local area, reviews and ideas for visitors, a taste of the reality of seaside life and more than a few photos of pebbles.

I hope you choose to join me on my new adventure and find something to interest you along the way.  If you’re really looking for more serious library and information blogging then I recommend heading to and maybe you’ll pop back to relax at the seaside sometime.


Blog Guilt

Any readers out there may have noticed that I haven’t blogged for quite a while. I’m also rather behind with my RSS feeds and feeling rather web 1.0 at the moment. As all this is meant to be enjoyable and useful rather than something else to feel guilty about I’m declaring the past 3 months a summer holiday, guilt-free! If you’ve missed me, I’m back but I’m not going to attempt to post about all the things that may have happened while I was offline, this is a new term and I’m back with new posts! If only chocolate guilt was so easily written off…