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RSS feeds into email

Thanks to David Lee King I’ve found out how to offer email notifications for my blog! Obviously RSS is great and I love my feed readers but it’s not always the best way to communicate with people who have only just worked out how to send an email. People reading this blog may not come into that category but as more libraries start using blogs to share library news and alerts it is useful to offer more than one way for people to subscribe to that information. We had a lot of people sign up for email notifications for our conference wiki, probably because email is a familiar tool and not too scary. Being able to offer RSS feeds and email notifications makes me feel much more comfortable about suggesting that we offer our conference news in a blog format in future, yes I’ll post about feed readers and promote them at the conference but people who want to stick to email won’t be left out.

I used Feedburner to set up my email notifications (free service) and have added the subscribe link underneath the RSS option using a widget.  (FeedBlitz appears to offer a similar service.)  Feedburner also appears to offer a pretty comprehensive stats service and there are some other interesting options mentioned such as mobile versions of feeds and a BuzzBoost option for displaying feed content on other sites.


Self issue for kids

Self checkout for kids

Originally uploaded by Andrea Mercado

I love this idea! Children are always intrigued by what we do when we issue (checkout) books at the library and I imagine they’d be delighted to be able to do it themselves. It’s such a simple idea but so effective.

Moving to Wordpress

If you’re reading this then you have successfully found me on WordPress!  I’ve been considering moving from Blogger for a while but was pushed by a problem with the widgets (not allowing me to add new content) which was really annoying me.  I also noticed that most of the blogs that looked visually appealing were using WordPress.

Having made the switch I have to say it’s very easy and I’m glad I did it.  Importing my posts from Blogger took about 30 seconds and I’ve been able to put a pretty header up already.  I’ve also found the widgets much easier to add.

At the moment I’ve added a feed button, my feeds, the ‘categories’ list, recent comments, my Flickr stream and a hit counter.  I’m happy with all of these except for the categories list as it made me realise that I need to work on tidying up my categories (formerly known as tags) and be a little more consistent when tagging posts.

In other news… I bought an Asus eee PC yesterday and it’s lovely!  I’m planning to take it to work tomorrow to see if I can use it to surf in the staff room with a 3G modem…

Tech Tips

In case you haven’t already come across them, Michael Stephens has posted his Tech Tips for Every Librarian over on Tame the Web. The articles were originally published in Information Today and cover subjects such as using Meebo for IM, Flickr for library marketing and Netvibes & RSS for an info-portal. Go have a look… right now!

Life as I Know It’s Library 2.0 Roundup

Jennifer Macauley in her excellent blog Life as I Know It has created a comprehensive list of sites and citations on library 2.0. Library 2.0 Roundup was originally posted in October 2006 and it is a pretty huge list to work through. Thanks to Jennifer I’ve discovered a wealth of posts and ideas that I hadn’t previously come across and I’m only about a third of a way through. I imagine it would also be a really useful resource for anyone wanting to chart the development of the library 2.0 idea from autumn 2005 to the present. Just don’t blame me if you stay up all night reading the posts, I’m finding it rather addictive reading…

Library 4.0?!

Tame the Web’s Michael Stephens has just republished an article that was originally published in the OCLC NextSpace Magazine in April 2006. The article is about Librarian 2.0 and is a challenge for anyone working in libraries to think about how they use 2.0 technology to provide a library service and what a library service should be. See Into a new world of librarians for his article. Following the link I then read the original article in NextSpace which asked a futurist, three librarians and an OCLC vice-president to comment on the library possibilites of Web 2.0 in Web 2.0 : Where will the next generation Web take libraries?

This is a fascinating article and I particularly enjoyed futurist Dr Wendy Schultz On the way to the library experience of the future where she takes us from Library 1.0 a resource base right up to Library 4.0, the neo-library: Experience, a mind gym or knowledge spa. And I was just getting to grips with the idea of 2.0!!

Technorati Claim

Decided it was time to join the Technorati world and “claim my blog”! Not sure what effect this will have but here goes…

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